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A  Manchester based designer with over 6 years work experience with industry leaders and start-ups. I work to create innovative solutions and beautiful experiences that translate across various products.

A multi-disciplinary designer with a heavy focus on digital transformation—user experience, interface design and brand communication. I strive to create usable and polished products through considered design.

I enjoy knowing the why—understanding the meaning, seeing patterns and having the data to justify my work. I create designs people want to buy into rather than something that just “looks good.”

I love working both individually and in a team—I value working with a creative process and can adapt this to any design task required.



UI UX Design Services


Visual Design
Web design, responsive and mobile-friendly interfaces, UI design for mobile apps, UI kits, infographics and data visualisation.

Research & Planning
Gathering requirements, UX research, UX website review, project planning.

Information Architecture
Content planning, site mapping, navigation structure, analytics and user journey analysis

UX Optimisation
Wireframes, rapid prototypes and user testing – “Idea, Design, Test, Repeat.



Get in Touch

I can help you kick-start new ideas, build a brand or improve what you already have. Feel free to get in touch to discuss your project or a collaboration.





Brands I have worked with

Throughout my career, I have been able to work on some incredible projects with some award-winning global brands. Below are just some of them.


  • jd_sports
  • size?
  • railway_museum
  • science_museum
  • footpatrol
  • yu_alderley


Side Projects

Together Incredible

Articles for people who want to develop the success of a website, get advice on user experience, interface design and working in digital.


Saturati.on is a small project with the goal to collect & combine unique colours for my future projects and thought you may find it useful too.